Stembridge, James Eugene

Birth Name Stembridge, James Eugene
Gender male


Birth 1864-01-23  at  Baldwin Co., GA ?
Death 1933-07-09  at  Gilmer County, GA
Occupation Lumber Merchant


Father Stembridge, William Wesley   (Birth)
Mother Smith, Harriette Howard   (Birth)
Siblings Stembridge, William Henry
Stembridge, Robert Albert
Stembridge, George Morton
Stembridge, Estelle E.
Stembridge, Ella A.
Stembridge, Carrie J.
Stembridge, John Wesley
Stembridge, Sidney Jackson


Married Wife Simpson, I'Della
  Marriage Marriage of Stembridge, James Eugene and Simpson, I'Della,  1892-07-06  
  Children Stembridge, James Wesley
Stembridge, Robert Cecil
Stembridge, George Morton
Stembridge, Fannie I'Della
Stembridge, Annie Howard
Stembridge, William Francis
Married Wife Walker, Sarah
  Marriage Marriage of Stembridge, James Eugene and Walker, Sarah,  1905-00-00  
  Marriage fact Married by James V. M. Morris M.G.
  Children Stembridge, Joel Eugene


"Selling his lumber interest because of poor health, he moved to Ella Gap (Ellijay), GA, circa 1919. I recall the residence there as a palatial rustic structure built of logs and surrounded by porches, placed two-thirds of the way up a mountain, and reached over a stepped stone walk several hundred feet long. Several gazobos dotted the large front yard. They and the nearby barn were built of rustic logs. Many years later, he replaced the decaying structure with a house built by two sons, Robert and Joel, of field stones they gathered from the surrounding apple orchard.", James W. Stembridge, Lithonia, GA.

Information by James W. Stembridge, Lithonia, GA